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  Northeast Alpaca and Llama™
Milk and Cria Pellet
Northeast Alpaca and Llama™ <br><i>Milk and Cria Pellet</i>
Product Code: NEALC
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Pellet formulated specifically to supply added nutrients and energy for growth, pregnancy and lactation.

Available in 50 lb. bags

  • Meets the energy demand of growing cria and lactating mother
  • Contains high levels of Vitamin E supporting health and immunity
  • Contain high quality protein and fiber sources

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min) 15.00 %
Crude Fat (Min) 3.00 %
Crude Fiber (Max) 13.00 %
Calcium (Min) 1.00 %
Calcium (Max) 1.35 %
Phosphorus (Min) 0.50 %
Salt (Min) 0.35 %
Salt (Max) 0.85 %
Selenium (Min) 0.60 PPM
Zinc (Min) 240.00 PPM
Vitamin A (Min) 6,150.00 IU/LB
Vitamin D3 (Min) 3,600.00 IU/LB
Vitamin E (Min) 800.00 IU/LB
Biotin (Min) 5.00 MG/LB

    Quality Protein-
  • Formulated with all natural high quality protein to optimize health, growth, and pregnancy for mother and cria.

    Formulated for Your Northeast Feeds-
  • Poulin Grain alpaca/llama products are designed to balance Northeast hays and pasture crops. (data supported from Dairy One, Ithaca, NY)

    Fortified with Organic Trace Minerals-
  • Greater bioavailability to prevent deficiencies year round
  • Have been shown to improve fleece quality

    Low Cereal Grains-
  • Minimize metabolic problems
  • Preserve balanced stomach fermentation and health

    Biotin Added-
  • Promotes foot health and integrity

    High levels of Vitamin E and Selenium antioxidants-
  • Improve health and immune function

    Vitamin A & D-
  • Support proper growth of all body tissues especially epithelium, such as skin, digestive and reproductive tracts
  • Regulate calcium absorption and proper bone development and growth

    XP Yeast-
  • Supports healthy microbial fermentation

  • Direct fed microbial

    Formulated Using Advanced Model Systems-
  • Balancing protein and energy requirements
  • Meeting or exceeding the most current* estimated requirements for alpacas and llamas

    * Recently published in the Journal of Small Ruminant Research, “Nutrient requirements of South American camelids: A factorial approach” by Robert J. Van Saun, DVM, PhD, Associate Professor and Extension Veterinarian, Penn State University, Elsevier Science Direct

Feeding Recommendation in Lbs per day

Stage of Life Alpaca Llama
Birth Free Choice Free Choice
Growth to Yearling 0.50 1.00
Yearling 0.50 – 0.75 1.00 – 1.50
Pregnant/Lactating 1.00 – 1.50 2.00 – 2.50

INGREDIENTS Dehy alfalfa meal, wheat middlings, beet pulp, corn, soy hulls, soybean meal, distillers grains, molasses products, calcium carbonate, yeast culture, vitamin e supplement, processed grain by-product, biotin, selenium yeast, zinc proteinate, zinc sulfate, brewers dried yeast, magnesium potassium sulfate, saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and the media on which it was grown, consisting of processed grain by-products, malt, corn syrup, mineral oil, sodium selenite, thiamine, manganese proteinate, manganese sulfate, vitamin a supplement, vitamin d3 supplement, cobalt glucoheptonate, sodium molybdate dihydrate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate, vitamin e, salt, magnesium oxide, hydrated so-dium calcium aluminosilicate, pellet binder.
Northeast Alpaca and Llama™ <br><i>Milk and Cria Pellet</i>

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  Poulin Grain.Alpaca&Llama

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