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Wholesale Services

Real Touch Service

Poulin Grain is committed to working with its’ customers ‘One on One’. Our field people work directly with dealers and customers throughout the Northeast.

Our Poulin Grain representatives are actively involved in the equine and livestock industry attending expos, shows and affairs and helping inform animal owners through presentations, dealer meetings and direct communications with customers.

Dealer Connections

The Poulin Grain Dealer Network is extensive, reaching from the Canadian border to Maryland, making product and services readily available.

If there is a dealer near you that you would like Poulin Grain to visit, please click here.

Green Mountain Feed Testing Laboratory

Poulin Grain partners with Cumberland Valley Analytic Services Laboratory, Maugansville, Md to operate a full service in-house NIR feed analysis laboratory. Our Green Mountain Feeding Testing Laboratory supports our mill quality assurance programs, as well as provides extensive feed analysis on all animal feeds, back in a single day. These daily sample analyses are directly utilized to make the proper nutritional recommendations based on your feeds and your animals’ needs.

Toll Free

Poulin Grain makes itself available to you with its toll free number. 800-334-6731.

Performance Horse Nutrition

Equine Nutrition Expertise

Poulin Grain partners with the industry knowledge and PhD expertise of equine consultants at Performance Horse Nutrition to provide innovative and cutting edge feeds and recommendations for every horse discipline.

Equi –Balance

Equi-Balance Equine Diet Evaluation Software was developed by PHN and is used by all Poulin Grain field representatives to formulate diets to meet the specific exercise, growth, gestation or lactation requirements for your horses.


Green Mountain Feed Testing Laboratory
Roberta Royer – Lab Technician



Bulk Services

Precision Herd Analysis™

Poulin Grain has developed a comprehensive “Walk Through” analysis that evaluates the critical areas effecting herd performance, facilities, management, nutrition and health.

Precision Herd Analysis is performed by trained field nutritionists and supported by our staff veterinarian and in-house and outside technical expertise.

Meta Dairy System™

Meta Dairy System is an integrated technology system that enables PGI advisors to customize nutrition strategies to meet goals and optimize farm resources, performance and profitability.

Meta Dairy System elements:

  • Adapted CNCPS Model technology, which maximizes Carbohydrate formulation, as well as implements the industry’s most extensive Amino Acid sub-model , proven to maximize milk and component yield while minimizing feed cost.
  • Forage-Max Technology™ is built into each diet formulation. This process optimizes inputs and farm resources to result in higher IOFC (Income Over Feed Cost).
  • PACE™ constructs a perspective of feed cost and milk income constituents, permiting analytical assement of the current impacts effecting IOFC.

Green Mountain Feed Testing Laboratory

Poulin Grain partners with Cumberland Valley Analytic Services Laboratory, Maugansville, Md and operates a full service NIR in-house feed analysis laboratory. The full time Green Mountain Feed Testing Lab supports our feed milll quality assurance programs and reports feed analysis results on all farm feeds back to PGI advisors and customers the same day.

Attention Program™

The Attention Program™ has been monitoring data from dairy herds throughout the Northeast for a decade.

  • PGI generates a concise monthly summary report of key performance and management indicators for participating farms.
  • Reports are generated from comprehensive data that is custom collected from the farm each month by our Data Technician.
  • Advisors and customers review their own Attention Reports on a monthly basis.
  • The Attention Program permits customers to make peer comparisions with aggregated data from similar participating farms.
  • PGI nutrition advisors, customers and technical support staff convene for Management Meetings on either a routine or as needed basis to support individual farm priorities.
  • Poulin Grain partners with APN Consulting LLC to offer Human Resource Management and Training for Hispanic farm personnel.
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