Ca+RE EQ™ is a highly bioavailable algae derived calcium source for superior gastric buffering, improved bone density and repair, reduction in joint inflammation, and reduced overall stress in horses.

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Common questions about Ca⁺RE EQ™:

Q: If the logo isn’t on the bags yet, how do we know Ca+RE EQ™ is in the feed?

A: Check the tag. The ingredient will be listed as “Calcite”.

Q: Should we slowly introduce/incorporate the new bags of grain that contain the Ca+RE EQ™ as if we are changing grains?

A: There is no need to slowly transition. This is a simple mineral source change and will not upset the digestive system.

Q: Will Ca+RE EQ™ interfere with any of the supplements I feed my horse?

A: No, there is no concern with negative interaction with other supplements.

Q: How much do I need to feed to get these benefits from Ca+RE EQ™?

A: The feeds are formulated to have effective levels of Ca+RE EQ™ as long as the recommended minimum feeding rates are met.

Q: Will Ca+RE EQ™ trigger any positives on the USEF or FEI banned and restricted substances list?

A: No, Ca+RE EQ™ is safe for competition.


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