What is Ca+RE EQ™?

Ca+RE EQ™ is a highly bioavailable marine algae derived calcium source for superior gastric buffering, improved bone density and repair, reduction in joint inflammation, and reduced overall stress in horses.

Ca+RE EQ™  is beneficial for all types and classes of horses including foals, weanlings, yearlings, gestating mares, lactating mares, geldings and stallions, and can now be found in select Poulin Grain equine feeds.

What makes Ca+RE EQ™ So Effective?

Ca+RE EQ™ provides a natural and highly bioavailable source of calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals from a marine algae derived mineral source, listed on ingredient tags as "calcite". The unique microscopic honey comb structure of this complex provides a large surface area for digestive enzymes to act, causing increased utilization and uptake of calcium and other minerals, for a variety of beneficial effects on your horse’s overall health and performance.

The large surface area and microscopic honeycomb structure of this marine derived complex makes its minerals highly bioavailable and active in the horse’s body.

Gastric Buffering:

Gastric ulcers are all too common among many classes of horses, jeopardizing their health, comfort and performance. Approximately 90% of racehorses in training1,2 and advanced level competition endurance horses have gastric ulceration3,58% of show horses4, and 53% of non-performance horses that are not involved in intense work5. Excessive acidity in the stomach is shown to be a primary factor in the development of gastric ulcers in horses, due to fasting, infrequent meal feeding, high cereal grain diets, low roughage diets, travel, stress, or long term use of NSAIDS10.

The porous honey comb structure of marine derived calcium allows for double the gastric buffering capacity of traditionally used calcium carbonate (limestone)6, providing superior pH regulation in the gut through the slow and effective release of calcium.

Research showed in a group of horses with varying degrees of ulceration, feeding a natural algae derived calcium source reduced the acid damage to the stomach mucosa over a 30 day period. 100% of the study’s horses showed reduced ulceration scores, with 70% of horses having an ulcer score of zero after 30 days 7. Improved gut pH regulation results in optimized performance, willingness and attitude of horses who may already suffer from gastric ulcers.

In a group of horses with varying degrees of ulceration, feeding an algae derived calcium source significantly reduced ulceration after 30 days.

Bone Density and Repair:

Bone remodeling occurs continuously throughout a horse’s life and is essential to proper development, soundness and longevity. Several factors can affect bone density and remodeling including the horse’s age, health, housing, management, training and exercise intensity.

When a horse is stall bound, bone density can be quickly lost due to lack of exercise, under stimulation of the bone, and decreased bone turnover. Lack of bone density puts horses at risk for lameness, and injury when returning to work.

A study at Michigan State University demonstrated that a group of yearlings supplemented with marine derived minerals showed a significant difference in blood markers of bone metabolism (formation and resorption) and bone density compared to a group of yearlings fed Calcium Carbonate8. Results suggest that the improved bone density support offered by supplementation may help shorten recovery periods, reduce risk of bone loss, and reduce the likelihood of bone re-injury after return to work.

Stress Reduction:

Test results suggest reduced reactivity to startling stimuli in horses supplemented with marine derived minerals9.

How can I tell If Ca+RE EQ™ is included in my feed?

Ca+RE EQ™ is now included in the following Poulin Grain equine feeds:

If your feed bag doesn’t have the Ca+RE EQ™ icon, don’t worry!Check the tag: The ingredient will be listed as “Calcite.”

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*Ca+RE EQ™ is sourced from Calsea Powder® Advance, a registered trademark of Timab Industrial Products.