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Cabot's Farm Love Patch Activities (earn your own Farm Love Patch)

Breakfast on the Farm: Virtual Farm Tour at Newmont Farm, Bradford, VT

New England Dairy: Virtual Farm Tours + Curriculum (Grades 5-8)

Sustainable Practices on New England Dairy Farms (Gervais Family Farm, Enosburg Falls, VT & Poulin Farm, Newport Vermont)

Environmental Stewardship on the Dairy Farm (Poulin Farm, Newport, VT)

Cow Care on a Vermont Dairy Farm (Gervais Family Farm, Enosburg Falls, VT)

#PoulinPowered Fairmont Farm Tour

Chasing Down Madison Brown: Poulin Farm, Newport VT- Robotic Milkers

Chasing Down Madison Brown: Gervais Family Farm, Enosburg Falls, VT

Peterson Farm Brothers: “We Will Milk Cows” Dairy Parody

Discover Dairy

American Dairy Association: Dairy Farm Families, Dairy Foods, Dairy Health, Dairy in Schools and Sports

Cabot Class Room Resources Grades K-5

Undeniably Dairy – Caring for Cows and Nourishing Communities – Curriculum, Virtual Field Trip, Virtual Experiences

New England Dairy School Resource Library

New England Dairy: Meet the Farm Families!

Dairy Good: Life On the Farm, Fact and Myths, Sustainability, Health and Wellness

Make Ice Cream

Make Butter


Egg-Citing Poultry Adventure: Interactive Poultry game

Feathermen Poultry Processing How To Videos

Egg Math (K-12)

PennState Extension: 4H Poultry Raising Projects

Thinking Chicken: Elementary School level video

Virtual Chicken

Chicken Check In

Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips: American Egg Board

Eggucational Games: American Egg Board


On The Farm STEM: Learn about beef

New York Beef Council: Raising Beef in New York


How Does it Grow Videos: PBS video series exploring how different crops are grown

My American Farm: Free online games for grades K-5 teaching math, reading, science and social studies in the context of agriculture.

Outstanding in Their Field: Podcast series celebrating the people who produce food and those who teach about it.

Farmer 2050: Farm game for middle and high school students where players must plant crops, raise animals and craft goods to sell, while still managing the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social.

Peterson Farm Brothers: “Chore” Roar Parody

Cabot – Cooking With Your Kids Infographic

American Farm Bureau Foundation: At Home Ag-tivities (Grades K-12)

American Farm Bureau Foundation: Common Questions about Agriculture, Answered!

National Ag in the Classroom

- Ag Gaming and WebQuests

-Virtual Tours (Sheep, Pig, Crop, Dairy, Beef, Fruit and vegetable Farms)

-Student Center

NH Ag in the Classroom: Lessons and Resources

Baked Bread: How Flour is Made Video


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