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Mission statement

It is the mission of Poulin Grain, Inc. to be the leaders in the feed and agricultural field by producing "Quality Focused" products and "Cutting Edge" customer service at a fair price, while maintaining a profitable company that provides a safe and happy workplace designed to benefit all of the people that dedicate themselves to making Poulin Grain successful!

Poulin's history


A.J. Poulin began selling Bull Brand Feeds, which were manufactured out of Buffalo, New York. These feeds were warehoused on his farm in Newport Center, Vermont

July, 1932

A.J. Poulin purchases the Fowler Mill in North Troy, Vermont. From the mill, A.J. starts blending and mixing Poulin Feeds. The new mill was also used to store Blue Seal Feeds for sale to local farms.

Fifteen year old Gaston Poulin begins working after school at the feed mill.

September, 1940

A.J. Poulin decides to retire and turn ownership of Poulin Grain over to Gaston Poulin. Gaston continues to manufacture Poulin Feeds and begins to distribute Beacon Feeds along with Blue Seal Feeds.

January, 1954

Gaston leads Poulin Grain into the era of bulk feeds. The feed mill is completely rebuilt and updated to handle bulk and bagged feed. A liquid blending system is installed to add molasses to feeds. The Poulin Feed line is expanded to meet new demands.

August, 1961

Gaston expands hardware and starts to offer a complete line of building supplies. Poulin Grain becomes Poulin Grain & Lumber, Inc.

March, 1965

Son, Steve Poulin joins Poulin Grain & Lumber and begins working to expand sales.

January, 1970

Son, Pete Poulin begins working full time. He and Steve look to expand lumber sales.

May, 1972

The Purina Checkerboard Store located in Newport, Vermont was purchased.

The decision is made to close and tear down the feed mixing system in North Troy after almost 35 years of manufacturing grain at that site.

October, 1974

Poulin Grain & Lumber becomes two separate companies. Steve and Pete form Poulin Lumber, Inc., purchase the building and lumber inventory in North Troy. Gaston and Jeff retain Poulin Grain, Inc. at the present location in Newport, Vermont. The decision is made to carry Blue Seal Feed exclusively.

January, 1975

Gaston and Jeff make the decision to get Poulin Grain back into manufacturing feed by erecting a new feed mill.

After a year of construction the new mill opens and Poulin Feeds are again offered to farmers in mash form.

September, 1984

A new pelleting system is installed. Poulin Grain now has capabilities to manufacture a total and complete line of feeds to their customers.

Gaston Poulin decides to retire after more than 40 years in the feed business.He decides to turn ownership of Poulin Grain, Inc. over to Jeff Poulin.

July, 1986

Jeff Poulin becomes the exclusive owner of Poulin Grain.


Poulin Grain completes construction of a mineral premix facility. This adds mineral program support for their customers.

July, 1988

Poulin Grain adds their own pet foods to the product line.

July, 1992

Poulin Grain constructs a 20,000 square foot addition to the bagging facility, increasing warehouse capacity for a growing wholesale business.

December, 1995

Poulin Grain announces an agreement with Kentucky Equine research, a world leader in Equine Management.

Poulin Grain begins manufacturing a new horse feed line in conjunction with Kentucky Equine Research.

February, 1996

With the Newport facility operating near capacity, Poulin Grain enters into an agreement to purchase a second feed mill in Swanton, Vermont.

Poulin Grain embarks on a $2 million renovation of the Swanton facility to increase capacity of the mill to 80,000 tons per year. The project was completed in early 1999.

March, 1998

Poulin Grain introduces the Heifer Optimizer program. This program was designed to deliver a 1,300+ lb heifer into the milking string at 22 months of age.

Renovations complete at the Swanton mill. With a capacity of 100,000 tons annually, the mill features and enclosed truck and rail unloading shed, new bulk storage bins, a 10,000 square foot warehouse, state of the art control room and a new pellet mill.

May, 1999

Poulin Grain manufactures the 1 millionth ton of feed since 1984

January, 2000

Jeff's children, Joshua and Jenna Poulin, join the company and became the fourth generation of the family to be involved in the feed business.

January, 2000

Jeff sells a portion of the company to Josh and Jenna who became the fourth generation of the Poulin family to manage Poulin Grain. Jenna becomes the first female stockholder of the company.

September, 2003

Poulin Grain expands into the northern New York market with the purchase of the Canton, NY plant.

March, 2005

An extensive plant and office renovation project begins and is completed in the fall of the following year.

Summer, 2006

Poulin Grain produces its 2-millionth ton of feed since construction of the Newport plant. It took 16 years to produce the first million and only 6 years to reach the 2-millionth ton level.

2006, December

Josh and Jenna close the deal to become the new owners of Poulin Grain. Jeff steps down as president after being in the business over 30 years. The torch is passed to Josh who becomes the fourth president of Poulin Grain, Inc.

October, 2008