Wholesale Services

Real Touch Service

Poulin Grain is committed to one-on-one customer service, working directly with dealers and farms throughout the Northeast. Together with our highly-trained nutritional consultants, we offer on-farm services including forage nutritional analysis that allow us to make the best feed and management recommendations for your animals. Contact us to take advantage of our forage analysis service and personalized nutrition recommendations.

Community Outreach

Our team actively supports 4-H clubs, equine and livestock organizations and other agricultural associations by providing education to animal owners throughout the northeast. If you in interested in having a Poulin Grain team member speak or provide an educational seminar for your club or organization, please contact us.
Click here For information on our "Club Card" rewards program for non-profits and 4H clubs.

Dealer Network

Poulin Grain is proud to partner with hundreds of dealers from Canada to Maryland. We’re constantly expanding our dealer network to reach new customers and improve our local, hands-on support. Find the Poulin Grain Dealer closest to you with our Dealer Locator. If you are interested in becoming a retailer of Poulin Grain products, please contact us.

Green Mountain Labs

Poulin Grain collaborates with Dairyland Laboratories to operate Green Mountain Labs in Newport, VT. Dairyland Laboratories is a leader in analytical services, providing the most sophisticated feed analysis to date, as well as superior customer service. New updates to Green Mountain Labs in 2014 have allowed us to expand our services and improve the quality of each analysis. These extensive analyses are used to support the intense quality demands for our products, providing immediate analytical results to support our Quality Assurance Program, as well as providing the foundation for the thousands of precise recommendations delivered right to your home.

Equine Nutrition Expertise

Poulin Grain partners with Dr. Stephen Duren and Dr. Tania Cubitt of Performance Horse Nutrition to provide innovative and nutritionally balanced feeds, services, and recommendations for every horse discipline.


Equi-Balance Equine Diet Evaluation Software is a precision tool developed by Performance Horse Nutrition, used by all Poulin Grain nutrition consultants to formulate diets meeting the specific exercise, growth, gestation or lactation requirements for your horses. Contact us if you would like to work with a feed specialist to formulate a customized diet for your horse.

Bulk Services

Precision Herd Analysis™

Poulin Grain developed and utilizes a comprehensive walk-through analysis that evaluates the critical areas effecting herd performance, facilities, management, nutrition and health.

Precision Herd Analysis is performed by trained field nutritionists and supported by our staff veterinarian as well as our in-house and outside technical experts.

Innovative Modeling

Our team uses the latest release of CNCPS (Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein Systems). This allows us to meet specific farm and or herd nutritional requirements maximizing herd performance, health and profitability. These tools combined with two decades of experience gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Attention Program™

The Attention Program™ was developed to support progressive Northeast dairies; this program provides our Dairy Consultants and producers with pertinent management information, allowing our farm teams to make informed decisions to improve farm and herd profitability. The Attention Program™ has hundreds of thousands of dairy records, making it the most comprehensive database in the Northeast and permits customers to make peer comparisons for Herd Performance Benchmarks.

Contact us to see how our team can support your farm's needs.

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