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Lamb and Kid Milk Replacers on Sale Now!

Monday Mar 01 - Friday Apr 30

Lambs or Kids on the way?

Doe's Match Kid Milk Replacer and Ultra Fresh Optimum Lamb Milk Replacer are on sale now at participating Poulin Grain dealers!

Call your dealer for price and availability. Find a Poulin Grain Dealer Near You

Raise Them Right. Spring Starter Promotion

Monday Mar 29 - Sunday May 02

March 29- May 2, 2021 At participating dealers.

$1 off 50 lb bags ($0.50 off 25 lb bags):

Chick Starter Crumbles

Quik Grow Broiler Crumbles

Gamebird Starter/ Grower Crumbles

Lamb Nā€™ Kid Starter Pellets


Have Questions?

For order, delivery and billing questions, contact Customer Service: