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Opti-Heif RP


An 18% pelleted high energy heifer feed. Opti-Heif RP supports high growth rates for size and stature, from a complete and balanced nutrient profile, based on current research

Bovatec to help prevent the depression of feed intake and weight gains caused by coccidia

  • Does not depress feed intake

  • Controls disease so energy efficiently converts grain

  • Efficient gains reduces feed costs for replacements

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude ProteinMin18.00 %
Crude FatMin3.50 %
Crude FiberMax7.00 %
ADFMax11.00 %
CalciumMin0.95 %
CalciumMax1.20 %
PhosphorusMin0.60 %
Vitamin AMin6600 IU/LB
SeleniumMin0.70 PPM
Lasalocid37.5 mg/lb

Feeding Instructions

For coccidiosis control: Hand feed at the rate of 1.0 mg lasalocid per 2.2 lbs of bodyweight per day (up to a maximum of 360 mg/hd/day) to cattle up to 800 lbs.

For increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle: Feed continuously at a rate of no less than 60 mg lasalocid nor more than 300 mg/head/day. Intakes of lasalocid in excess of 200 mg per head per day have not been shown to be more effective than 200 mg per head per day.

Animal Weight - Feeding Rate (lb/hd/day) - Lasalocid Intake (mg/hd/day)

200 - 2 to 4 - 91

400 - 4 to 8 - 181

500 - 6 - 227

600 - 6 - 227

800 to Calving (rate of gain only) - 6 - 227


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