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Full potential all-milk acidified calf milk replacer. Organic acids lower the pH to an optimum 4.0-4.5, allowing free choice feeding.

  • Natural all milk high protein for efficient calf growth

  • Homogenized small particle size for easy digestion.

  • Agglomeration technology provides superior mixability and more even suspension.


Digestarom® a mixture of essential oils, herbs, spices, extracts and natural flavors to optimize feed intake and protein digestion and utilization.

L-Carnitine a non-essential amino acid that increases the rate of fat oxidation to enhance the utilization of stored fats.

Fatty Acid Profile includes medium chain triglycerides and other highly digestible sources to mimic a whole milk profile for maximum energy, growth and development.

Organic Trace Minerals for optimum bioavailability, including readily absorbed selenium.

(Digestarom® is a trademark of BioMin)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein(Min)23.00%
Crude Fat(Min)22.00%
Crude Fiber(Max)0.15%
Vitamin A(Min)20000 IU/LB
Vitamin D3(Min)6600 IU/LB
Vitamin E(Min)150 IU/LB

Feeding Instructions

Final Volume GallonsMilk Replacer Powder PoundsWater GallonsWater Pounds

Dairy Feeding Guidelines

For Calves and Heifers:

  • Feed large breed calves 4 quarts of high quality colostrum within 2 hours of birth and again 12 hours later. Adjust amounts for small breed calves. If colostrum quality or quantity is low, consider using a colostrum supplement or replacer.

  • Offer free choice water from day 2.

  • Offer free choice calf starter from day 3, starting with a small amount, and increasing as they begin to eat. Calves weaned at 8 weeks of age or less should be consuming 3-4 pounds of starter grain per head per day. Never let calves go without available starter.

  • Wean calves off milk over a 10-16 day period.

  • At 12 weeks, gradually switch to heifer grower pellet, offering increasing amounts of hay.

Milk Replacer Feeding:

  • See product tag for feeding guidelines for optimal biologic growth.

  • Weigh MR powder every feeding for accuracy and consistency.

  • Mix MR powder in 110-120° F. water. Feed to calves soon thereafter, at 105° F.

  • Mix MR powder thoroughly with half of the desired final liquid volume. Add water to reach final volume and temperature; mix or whisk solution thoroughly. Feed immediately.

  • For large mixing batches, agitate while dispensing to individual feeding containers to prevent settling.

Acidified Milk Replacer Feeding:

  • Check milk replacer solution pH prior to feeding to ensure 4.0-4.5 pH.

  • Keep at 70-90°F after mixing and feed free choice via nipple feeder.

  • Mix fresh every 24-28 hours.

  • Keep equipment, nipples and hoses clean daily.


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