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Provides nutrient requirements of an orphaned foal so they can reach their maximum potential

Feeding Instructions
Guaranteed Analysis

Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer is formulated to:

• Meet the nutritional requirements of growing foals

• Provide maximum digestibility to meet

foals’ energy requirements

• Help foals grow as well and look

as good as on the mare

• Mix conveniently and quickly

Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer is best suited for:

• Orphan foals

• Foals with inadequate milk supply

• Foals with mares who won’t allow foal to nurse

• Foals born from sick mares

Feeding Instructions


Use the plastic cup provided to measure the milk replacer powder. Each cup holds about 0.25 pound of powder. Always weigh Mare’s Match Foal Milk Replacer powder for accurate mixing. Use ONLY LOW SODIUM (<50 ppm) water for mixing and feeding! Mix 0.25 pound dry weight of Land O Lakes® Mare’s Match® in 1 quart (2 pints) of 110-120°F water by slowly adding powder to water while stirring. Feeding temperature should be 100-105°F.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min) 24.00%
Crude Fat (Min) 16.00%
Crude Fiber (Max) 0.15%
Calcium (Min) 0.65%
Calcium (Max) 1.15%
Phosphorus (Min) 0.60%
Sodium (Max) 1.00%
Copper (Min) 10 PPM
Selenium (Min) 0.30 PPM
Zinc (Min) 40 PPM
Vitamin A (Min) 20000 IU/LB
Vitamin D3 (Min) 5000 IU/LB
Vitamin E (Min) 150 IU/LB

Crude Protein, (Min), 24.00%

Crude Fat, (Min), 16.00%

Crude Fiber, (Max), 0.15%

Calcium, (Min), 0.65%

Calcium, (Max), 1.15%

Phosphorus, (Min), 0.60%

Sodium, (Max), 1.00%

Copper, (Min), 10 PPM

Selenium, (Min), 0.30 PPM

Zinc, (Min), 40 PPM

Vitamin A, (Min), 20000 IU/LB

Vitamin D3, (Min), 5000 IU/LB

Vitamin E, (Min), 150 IU/LB

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