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Equine E-TEC®

E-TEC® Super Premium Horse Feeds contain the latest science based technology to provide horses with a low carb performance line of feeds.

All E-TEC® feeds contain:

  • Live cell yeast for increased digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  • 100% organic selenium and 100% natural vitamin E to support health and immune function

  • Highly digestible fiber sources for a healthy hind gut

  • Optimum amino acids for performance and muscle recovery

  • Optimal balance of vitamins and minerals to satisfy requirements in the northeast USA

  • No corn, oats, barley, or wheat

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E-TEC® Fibre-Max

A high fat, high fiber super feed for performance horses that require high calorie intake but may be sensitive to grain rich diets.

E-TEC Balancer®

A scientifically formulated pellet which balances nutrient profiles of unfortified grains and allows for feeding program flexibility and use of bulk grains.

E-TEC® Carb Safe

Formulated for horses that are sensitive to the sugar and starch content of feeds.

E-TEC® One

Highly fortified pelleted formula with no grains or molasses, designed for horses at any life stage.

E-TEC® Senior Low Carb

A super-premium pelleted feed that does not contain grain or molasses, designed for the mature horse that is sensitive to sugars and starches.

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